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Hey y’alls, I am using a new email address, so to get in touch use rather than the former hotmail one.
Thanks for all the support!

Stop SOPA and PIPA


We have shut down our site today in support of those fighting government censorship of the internet.

Today is a national day of action against the PIPA (Protect IP Act) and SOPA (Stop online piracy) bills worming their way through the United States Senate and House.

These follow on the heels of the Defense Authorization Act of 2011 (which made it “legal” for the President to authorize the indefinite detention without trial of “enemy combatants” on American Soil) and would constitute a massive infringement of free speech.

If you do not understand how bad these bills are please watch this short four minute video you can find here: 31100268

I am also recommending you read up on this further. You can find an excellent preview of the Day of Action on, included is a bunch of links about the bills. Also, please go to .


New pics added to tattoo, fine art and mural galleries.

New Mural

Best Place Ever Mural (in progress) Added to Mural Page!

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New Tats Added To The Tattoo Gallery

New Art Show

I will be joining local artists Jordan Weber, ROBE, and the elusive Rice & Bean Underground for a showing at The Ritual Cafe during the month of March. We will have an opening on the 12th with live music from Why Make Clocks and Pink Villa. Come join the fun.

New Friends Page

There is a new page of links of friends and local businesses I suggest you check out.  Here, and in the menu at the top of the page.

Gift Certificates Available

Gift certificates for tattoos are available at the shop.  You can get them in any denomination you want, so hook up one of your loved ones.  Or use it on yourself.  More info, click on the Scheduling & Commissions page.

New Tats Added To The Tattoo Gallery


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